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    Many times, I need to go to places close to the Metr� stations, and I do not know how to reach the destination. Who should I talk to?

    To assist users in selecting the best route through the Metropolitan Transport Network, the Metr� of S�o Paulo provides the Trip Planner, which informs all the way, from the boarding station to the arrival station, indicating the path Which will save you time and money. The consultation, which includes Metr� stations, CPTM and EMTU terminals, can be done in two ways: either by a list of stations or through a map in which the user indicates the starting place and the destination. The service also indicates the operation hours of the stations and the estimated time for completing of the route. The result of searches made by users through the Metr� Trip Planner, also displays the Area Map, which shows the points of interest near the stations. Access www.metro.sp.gov.br and check the Metr� Trip Planner.

    We clarify that information on itineraries are also provided by our area Customer Service, by the phone number 0800 770 7722, every day, from 05:30am to 11:30pm, or also at the site Contact Us. Employees of the stations can also help in these situations.

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    Why can I not see the balance of the Bilhete �nico (Single Ticket) when I use the Metr�?

    It was decided that the Bilhete �nico (Single Ticket) validators, installed on the turnstiles on the Metr�, would not show the card balance, as it occurs on the bus, due to the need of more speed in the passage of the turnstile users. Viewing balances would contribute to less fluidity and the formation of queues in the passage.

    To meet the users need of monitoring their balance, self-service equipment were installed at stations, which are used to recharge the Transport Voucher, and also for the checking of the Bilhete �nico (Single Ticket) card balance.

    In addition, on the Bilhete �nico (Single Ticket) Offices inside the stations, you can ask the attendant to check the card�s balance, as it is done in the lottery stores.

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    Why do the Metr� trains move slower on rainy days?

    It's a safety issue. Explaining: the trains travel at reduced speed to avoid a slippage in case of braking, because, with the wet track, there is less adherence between the wheels and the rails, requiring more space to stop the train. It is important to remember that this problem is not exclusive to the Metr�, but common to any subway system in the world in similar situations. The speed reduction is more intense on the trains of Line 3-Red, because the open sky stretch in this line is much longer than the other lines of the system.

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    I am a teacher and I want to take my students to know the Metr�. How should I proceed?

    Interested parties should access our site, meet the "Programa Turma do Metr�" (Metr� Gang Program) and fill out the registration form.

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    I know that the Metr� attends the schools. I am not a student and I'm curious about the Operational Control Center. Is there a possibility to visit it?

    Yes. There is a program called "Conhe�a seu Metr�" (Know Your Metr�), in which the user may visit a station, visit a train cabin and see how the Operational Control Center works. The applicant must complete an electronic form available on our website. Once a group is assembled, all are notified of the date / time / location. The event takes place on Saturdays.

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    I want to get in touch with the newspaper Metr� News.

    We clarify that the newspaper Metr� News is not owned by the Metr� of S�o Paulo, and its printing and distribution are made by the Empresa Jornal�stica Folha Metropolitana Ltda, which can be contacted via e-mail:

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    Can I walk with my dog / cat in the Metr�?

    The transport of animals in the Metr� is expressly prohibited in accordance with the Rules of Transport, Traffic and Security of the Metropolitan Company of S�o Paulo � Metr�, approved by the Municipal Decree No. 15012 of 04/07/1978, Title I, Chapter II , Article 13, item XX, which does not include exceptional situations. The only exception concerns the access of visually impaired people, led by guide dogs, duly authorized by the Law No. 10.784/2001.

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    What are those "bars" placed on some platforms of the Metr� stations?

    They are the flow drivers, which have been installed to facilitate the boarding of passengers, particularly at peak times. The proposal to place the drivers came from various applications, especially women and older people who demanded a solution to control the "wise guys" who insisted on skipping queues at boarding time. An improvement could be noticed, confirmed by a research conducted by the Metr� Operations Management. The measurements taken on the platform indicated a gain of 5 seconds on the boarding, which may seem little, but is very significant, especially during peak hours.

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    I want to understand why, on some occasions, especially during peak hours, the stations of Line 3-Red work with fewer turnstiles for boarding and more for arrivals.

    The Metr� of S�o Paulo states that any queues, at turnstiles on Line 3-Red, are a strategy to control the flow of passengers on the platforms, providing greater safety for users. With this control, even higher speed trains are possible. The disorderly release of passengers was proven to cause accumulation on the platforms and trains delay, since it takes a greater stop time, with an increased risk of accidents.

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    I need to do a school project and I want to know where to get information and publications about the Metr�.

    In addition to the site, the Metr� of S�o Paulo provides a library that can be contacted via e-mail address - bibli@metrosp.com.br or by phone: 3371-7232 and 3371-7259. Your research may be conducted in person on 1626 Augusta Street � ground floor, from Monday to Friday, from 08:30am to 05:30pm.

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    What is the nearest station from Congonhas Airport? How do I get there?

    The Metr� Line 1-Blue S�o Judas Station is the nearest from the Congonhas Airport (about 3km). On S�o Judas Station there are some bus lines which arrive at the airport. Suggest lines: 675I � Terminal Jo�o Dias or 675J � Jd. Itaja�.

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    How do I get to Guarulhos International Airport?

    For the International Airport of S�o Paulo, Guarulhos, there are some selective and suburban bus lines which make integration with the following Metr� stations: Rep�blica, Tatuap�, Palmeiras-Barra Funda and Tiet� Bus Terminal. Furthermore, are included in the circuit the Eldorado Mall, some hotels located in the Paulista Avenue and Augusta Street area. For information about this service, please consult the EMTU � Metropolitan Company of Urban Transport, through the website: www.emtu.sp.gov.br or by phone: 0800 724 05 55, from Mondays to Fridays, from 07:00am to 07:00pm (including holidays).

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    How do I provide products and services to the Metr�?

    On the link Licita��es (Bids), there is the procedure for registration of suppliers, the warnings and the notices. Additional information can be obtained on the Bids Department by the phone number: 011 3291-5435

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    How do I set up a shop at the Metr� stations?

    On the link Neg�cios e Oportunidades (Business Opportunities), there is information about shops on the stations. Additional information can be obtained by e-mail: comercial@metrosp.com.br, or by phone: 3371-7293 and 3371-7083.

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    I need to go to the American Consulate on Henri Dunant Street. Is there any Metr� station nearby?

    The American Consulate is located about 1 km from the CPTM Morumbi Station.

    To reach the Morumbi Station, you must board on the CPTM Barra Funda Station, in the direction of Itapevi, Line 8-Diamond; arrive on President Altino, transfer for free to the CPTM Line 9-Emerald; in the direction of Graja� and arrive on Morumbi Station.

    If you do not want to use the rail, at Ana Rosa, take the bus 675N � Santo Amaro, which passes through Henri Dunant Street, around No. 1,100.