Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo – Metrô was founded on April 24th, 1968. It is controlled by the State Government of São Paulo under the management of the Metropolitan Transportation State Secretariat (STM). It is responsible for the operation and expansion of the metro network and the planning of metropolitan passenger transportation in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo.

Jabaquara - Tucuruvi The metro network carries more than
                            5 million 
                            passengers daily

The metro network of the city of São Paulo is composed of 6 lines, totaling 96 km of extension and 84 stations. It is integrated to the CPTM in the Luz, Tamanduateí, Brás, Palmeiras-Barra Funda, Tatuapé, Corinthians-Itaquera, Pinheiros and Santo Amaro stations and the other modes of transportation in the city of São Paulo. It is currently operated by three different companies:

Metro São Paulo is responsible for the operation of lines 1-Blue (Jabaquara – Tucuruvi), 2-Green (Vila Prudente – Vila Madalena), 3-Red (Corinthians-Itaquera – Palmeiras-Barra Funda) and the Monorail of Line 15-Silver (Vila Prudente – Vila União), totaling 64.7 km of extension and 58 stations.

Line 4-Yellow is operated by Via Quatro under PPP since 2010. It has 11.4 km of extension and 10 stations.

As of August 4th, 2018, Line 5-Lilac is operated under a concession regime by Via Mobilidade. It has 20 km and 16 stations.

In 2017, the metro network reached the mark of 1.3 billion passenger boardings, and Metro São Paulo was responsible for transporting 1.1 billion of those, standing out worldwide for the results obtained in the production and the quality of the public railway transportation of passengers.


The Secretary of Metropolitan Transport – STM is part of the infrastructure group of the state government of São Paulo.

Secretaria dos Transportes Metropolitanos

    The Metropolitan Company of São Paulo – Metrô.

    Responsible for the implementation and operation of the subway system.

  • CPTM

    The Company of Metropolitan Trains of São Paulo – CPTM.

    Responsible for the implementation and operation of the service of Metropolitan Trains.

  • EMTU

    Metropolitan Company of Urban Transport in São Paulo – EMTU/SP.

    System Management medium / low capabilities in the RM's.

    • Planning
    • Monitoring
    • Control
  • Campos do Jordão Railroad

    Campos do Jordão Railroad.

    Has a Touristic vocation, just as the CPTM Touristic Express.

Its mission is to implement the state policy of urban passenger transport in the metropolitan areas, including subway, rail, bus and trolley buses systems, and other modal divisions of metropolitan interest.

It is also responsible for the organization, coordination, operations and monitoring of the metropolitan public transport of passengers and its road infrastructure.

The STM, in its centralized administration, counts on three technical coordination groups, as well as the Secretary direct "staff".


  • 1

    The Planning and Management Coordination – CPG, responsible for the Integrated Urban Transport Plan – PITU for the metropolitan regions.

  • 2

    The Institutional Relations Coordination – CRI, responsible for the coordination with the municipalities of the state metropolitan areas, planning and integrating the communication and marketing from associated companies.

  • 3

    Public Transport Coordination – CTC, responsible for establishing policies for the metropolitan transport passengers.