Wi-Fi Zones

Users of Sé Station , Paraiso , Ana Rosa, Jabaquara , Tamanduateí and Vila Prudente can count on a new free service wireless internet: WiFi Zones are established by the São Paulo Metrô.

The access points are identified by a plate , on the mezzanine of the seasons, and the network name is "wifi_metro_sp". So that the user has access to just connect to it, put an email address and accept the "Terms of Conditions of Use" Access is limited to 20 minutes per user and required 15-minute break before you can connect again.

The connection time is longer allowed, for example, which is provided by the Rio de Janeiro subways (15 minutes , twice daily ) and Tokyo (15 minutes , five times a day ) .

Term Conditions of Use

Using the Wi -Fi network Metro for Internet access you accept the conditions stated below:

1.You should inform your e- mail address to get access to Wi-Fi Network Metrô;

2.The Wi-Fi network Metro allows access only to sites on the Internet (http and https);

3.Metrô Wi-Fi network is available on an experimental basis , the Sé Station , Paraiso , Ana Rosa, Jabaquara , Tamanduateí and Vila Prudente ; may eventually be disrupted without notice, for technical reasons, operational or force majeure;

4.Internet access via the Metro Wi-Fi Network is free and limited to periods of use of twenty (20) minutes;

5.The user must have and maintain the necessary equipment (device with Wi-Fi interface) to access the Internet and should promote the security measures necessary to protect its equipment, systems and files;

6.The São Paulo Metrõ does not provide technical support for the service;

7.You may not use the Wi-Fi network to access Metrô, propagate or maintain portal, site or service on the Internet with inappropriate content, including but not limited to: violation of the current legislation, copyright infringement, pornography, advocacy of hatred, discrimination or defamation. The Wi-Fi network Metrô has resource for inappropriate content blocking;

8.The user assumes all liability arising from their actions and their behavior in the use of the Metrô Wi-Fi Network;

9.The São Paulo Metrô respect user privacy while maintaining the confidentiality of your registration information except by court order or legal requirement;

10.The São Paulo Metrô is not responsible for damages or losses caused by content, products or services accessed through the Wi-Fi Metrô Network.


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