• 1

    Don’t crumple, wet, fold or tear your ticket.

  • 2

    Avoid contact with magnets, specially purse locks and car alarm. These cares avoid the loss of the validity of your ticket.

  • 3

    Do not scratch the brown line; it contains magnetic messages to be read by the turnstile.

  • 4

    Do not leave the ticket in contact with plastic adherent; they can tear off the brown line.

  • 5

    If the ticket is rejected by the turnstile, look for a Metrô employee.

  • 6

    After introducing the ticket on the turnstile, you have 20 seconds to pass through. It is time enough to do it calmly.

  • 7

    For your safety, do not buy third parties tickets on the street. The Metrô is only responsible for tickets purchased at their box office and authorized locations.

  • 8

    Buying tickets by third parties on the street is encouraging crimes. Many of these tickets are products of theft or forgery.

Unemployed Special Ticket

According to the State Law n º 32,144 from 08/14/90 and the Department of Metropolitan Trains Resolution nº 25 from 03/28/2003, has the right to the Unemployed Special Ticket, the worker dismissed without fair dismissal, between a month and six months ago, and who has worked for at least six continuous months on the last job. The unemployed must register at the Marechal Deodoro Station (store 1) from Monday to Friday, from 08:30am to 04:00pm, except holidays and extended holidays, presenting the following documents:

  • 1

    Identity Card (original)

  • 2

    Professional License (original)

  • 3

    Term of Contract Termination (original)


By being registered, the user will receive a single ticket, valid for 90 days, non-renewable. The user of this ticket should always carry the Employment Record Card (or booklet). The benefit is restricted to being unemployed, or from a new record in the booklet. Since 09/11/2006, in the case of a new employment, the remainder valid tickets must be returned at the Metrô stations, under protocol.

If the user is already registered in the system, the same Employment Record Card (or booklet), which obtained the benefit earlier, should be presented.

For further information, please call 3291-3934 or 3291-3935.


There will be no replacement or renewal of the ticket in case of loss, misplacement, theft, seizure due to lack of Employment Record Card (or booklet), damage from misuse or abuse.


Users of special tickets should only use the turnstiles with the yellow signs and always carry the document, required by law to identify, because they are subjected to inspection by employees of the stations.

The Special Ticket is for personal use: do not lend it to anyone. Misuse may result in seizure and/or suspension of the benefit.