Special Single Ticket

Since 10/14/2006, due to the Integration Fare Agreement, signed between the Government of the São Paulo State and the City of São Paulo, The Special Single Ticket - Passengers with a Disability, issued by SPTrans, was unified for the Urban Public Transport System in São Paulo and the Metrô-Rail System (Metrô and CPTM).

Those interested in obtaining the ticket should look for the Metrô Customer Service Center at Marechal Deodoro Station, from Mondays to Fridays, except on holidays and extended holidays, from 08:30am to 4:00pm, or at CPTM, in Barra Funda Station, from Mondays to Fridays, except on holidays and extended holidays, from 08:00am to 05:00pm, or on the following sub-districts:

  • 1


    82 Eponina Street - Vila Carrão
    Phone: 2294-0988

  • 3

    Capela do Socorro

    499 Cassiano dos Santos Street
    Phone: 5666-9688

  • 5

    Freguesia do Ó

    95 João Marcelino Branco Street
    Phone: 3984-2576

  • 7


    1000 Guaicurus Street
    Phone: 3801-4126

  • 9


    349 Ylídio Figueiredo Street
    Phone: 3918-4467

  • 11

    São Mateus

    1400 Ragueb Chohfi Avenue
    Phone: 6962-2118

  • 13

    Vila Mariana

    450 José de Magalhães Street
    Phone: 5549-3678

  • 2


    201 Ulpiano da Costa Manso Street
    Phone: 3739-4978

  • 4

    Campo Limpo

    51 N.S. do Bom Conselho Street
    Phone: 5513-6201

  • 6


    103 Gregório Ramalho Street
    Phone: 6944-7983

  • 8


    492 Candapuí Street
    Phone: 6958-3125

  • 10


    808 Tucuruvi Avenue
    Phone: 6982-0150

  • 12

    São Miguel

    76 Ana Flora Pinheiro de Souza Street
    Phone: 6297-0634

  • 14

    Terminal Santo Amaro

    400 Padre José Maria Avenue
    Phone: 5685-7071

  • 15

    Sé II (Light Mall)

    23 Xavier de Toledo Street – 1st Floor – Stores 16 and 17 - Phone: 3237-4473

Necessary Documents (original and photocopies)

  • Identification Card – ID;
  • Birth Certificate – if underage and without an ID;
  • A recent Proof of Address, not older than six months, e.g.: a Water, Energy or Telephone Bill, or any other proof document;
  • Medical Certificate of Fare Exemption Concession, provided by a Health Unit - City of São Paulo (Unidade de Saúde – US) or Health Units - Metropolitan Area (Unidade de Saúde – US).
    • US Centro Oeste - Central-Western region;
    • US Leste - Eastern region;
    • US Norte - Northern region;
    • US Sudeste - Southeastern region;
    • US Sul - Southern region;
    • Metropolitan Area

Note: In the Metrô or CPTM Customer Service Centers or in the sub-districts, the user makes the registration and photo capture for free. The documentation is sent to SPTrans for analysis. If the applicant is entitled, (s)he will receive the Special Single Ticket by mail, in up to 20 days.

The passengers with a disability are exempt from payment of fare, according to State Decree No. 34753 of 04/01/92 and a Joint Resolution between the Secretary of Health and the Department of Metropolitan Transportation, which governs the administrative and operational measures regarding the granting of exemption in the fare payment of public transportation in the metropolitan area.

In case of loss, theft, or seizure of the Special Single Ticket, the beneficiary must contact the call center by calling 156.

For the renewal of the Special Single Ticket, the user must submit the same documents (original and copies) required for granting the benefit.

If misuse of the Single Card is found out by the Metrô, CPTM or SPTrans, the user will be subjected to the legal and disciplinary measures.


  • Embarque = Boarding
  • Desembarque = Landing
  • Selecione a estação = Select the station