Cartão E-fácil

The existence of the parking lots near Metro stations allow users to more easily offsets in the city of São Paulo.

Currently, the parking "E-Fácil" are operating along the mesh metro-railway: Line 2-Green, near Santos-Immigrant Station; in 3-Red Line, close to the Corinthians-Itaquera, station.


Access to parking is allowed through a specific card, called "E-Fácil".

Upon parking access is debited the amount corresponding to the parking rate and are granted two trips on the public transport system. These trips can be used in Metro, CPTM or Municipal bus from São Paulo and are valid during the period in which the vehicle remains in the parking lot.

Amounts charged the card allow the permanence of the vehicle for up to 12 hours in the parking lot. After the 12 hours is charged additional amount for each hour of permanence of the vehicle.


The two travel by subway, train or bus to which the user has rights ARE NOT CUMULATIVE. The trips unused within the period of stay of the vehicle in the parking lot (12 hours) are not valid for a further period nor reimbursed.

Acquisition and Recharging

To use any of the car parks, just purchase an "E-Fácil" card in outlets Single Tickets at Metro stations or in the parking lots themselves, for R$ 2.00 and charge the credit card.

The recharge cards can be made in charging stations Single Ticket, in positions of SPTrans and parking lots.


The card "E-Fácil" with sufficient credit can be used as a Common Single Ticket, with the same rules of operation and integration, regardless of the use of the parking lot.

Defect or technical problems

In case of default or inability to use the card, boarding the transport system must be accomplished through another card or ticket.

To solve the problem of card you must attend the service branches to analyze the design. If the correction is not immediately possible, will be issued a 2nd copy with within 72 hours. In cases of default triggered by the user's responsibility is charged equivalent to 7 unit rates of the Municipal Bus System of the City of São Paulo value.

Registration Card

To facilitate the replacement credit card in case of theft or loss, previously the user must register the card in your name, in person at Service Stations carrying the identity card and the card, or proof of having recharging card number .

Larceny or theft

For registered card cancellation can be done by phone 156 or directly on Service Points where the user must provide an identity document. To issue via 2nd card is charged the equivalent of 7 unit rates of the Municipal buses of the City of São Paulo and the turnaround time rate system is 72 hours.

For unregistered cards should be done, first, the registration card. The registration must be done in person at Service Points where the user must present an identity document and proof of having recharging card number.

Service Points

The service branches to cardholders Loyalty, Leisure and Easy-E are located in the Cathedral Subway and Light CPTM stations. Are also considered service branches all stations of SPTrans aimed at serving users of the Single Ticket.

"E-Fácil" from Santos-Imigrantes Station
Address Ricardo Jafet Av., 1900  
Parking Spaces 227 cars
Working Hours From 04:30am to 01:30am
Price R$ 12.49 - 12 hours of parking +02 tickets.
R$ 1.46 - extra hour
"E-Fácil" from Corinthians-Itaquera Station
Address Salim Jorge Street, 1.270  
Parking Spaces 257 cars
Working Hours From 04:30am to 01:30am
Price R$ 10.52 - 12 hours of parking +02 tickets.
R$ 1.46 - extra hour
Additional In this parking-lot, Metrô offers a free van service to take you from the parking-lot to the station and from the station to the parking lot.

Reception Hours:
Metrô - from 06:00am to 10:00pm - every day
CPTM - from 06:00am to 10:00pm horas - from monday to friday

For further information Metro offers phone 0800 770 7722 serving all day from 5:30 am to 11:30pm.


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  • Desembarque = Landing
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